I laugh when somebody is taken the idea on me, I don't have to work on it anymore. I have many new ideas.


Stefan Grzegorz Pierzynowski



As an entrepreneur the Professor is the owner and CEO in four businesses and co-owner in two companies. All of them are spin-off research businesses. The first one was established in 1996 in Sweden.



Since 1996 the Professor has supervised more than twenty PhD students. He also superintended post-doc scholarships for ten PhD students. The Profesor was an evaluator of ten PhD and Docent (Habilitation) theses. He is currently supervising three PhD students at the University of Lund.



Professor Stefan Grzegorz Pierzynowski started his scientific career in 1975 as a master student at the Warsaw Agricultural Uniwersity. In 1982 at the same University he received title Doctor of Veterinary Science and in 1991 PhD title at Lund University, Sweden. In 1995 he defended his habilitation thesis at Warsaw Agricultural University and docent thesis at the University of Lund. In 2001 he received the title of Professor at the Warsaw Agricultural University.



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SGPlus founded in 1996